WEG Utilization Facility

The WEG Landfill Gas to Energy Facility utilizes landfill gas at the Walker East and South Landfills in 3 different projects developed by Integrated Gas Recovery Services Inc. (IGRS), a partnership between Comcor and Walker Environmental Group.

The original landfill gas collection and flaring system was installed in 2001, and consisted of 31 vertical extraction wells connected via buried high-density polyethylene (HDPE) piping to a 2,500 scfm enclosed flare. For 15 years until the end of 2016 the plant conveyed compressed landfill gas via a dedicated pipeline to Resolute  Forest Products paper mill in Thorold to supplant the use of natural gas in boilers that supplied steam to the mill.  Over the years there have been multiple expansions to the landfill gas system as well as mechanical system expansions and upgrades including the addition of additional landfill gas flares and blowers and compressors.  There are now over 300 gas wells and monitoring points at the site.

Since early 2021, approximately 2,200 scfm of landfill gas is treated, compressed and transported via a 3.5 km dedicated 12 inch diameter pipeline to GM’s St. Catharines Propulsion plant to fuel its onsite 6.4-megawatt cogeneration project under a 20 year agreement. In addition, the facility takes landfill gas and directs it to two (2) Jenbacher JGC320 internal combustion reciprocating engines, each directly coupled with 1 MW generators. One genset produces renewable green power to sell into the IESO’s RESOP program under a 20-year contract.  The second genset produces power to offset the IGRS facility parasitic electrical loads to operate the gas compressors.

In 2021 construction began on a 4000 cfm landfill gas to Renewable Landfill Gas (RNG) plant at the site.  This project is being developed in a partnership between IGRS and Enbridge. The RNG plant will be operational by mid-2023.

Site Owner:
Walker Environmental Group / IGRS
Design and Construction Projects:
1996 to present
Current Gas Recovery:
6,000 cfm
Landfill in Operation Since:
Years Monitored:
1996 to present