Red Deer Waste Management Facility

In 2013, Comcor was retained by the City of Red Deer, Alberta to undertake a study to examine the feasibility of landfill gas collection and/or utilization at both the closed and active landfill sites at the Red Deer Waste Management Facility within the City of Red Deer.   The City’s goal to reduce GHGs was a primary driver of the project, with economic benefits as a potential bonus to a collection project.

Landfill gas production and recovery curves were prepared using previous landfill pump test results, which were used to design a conceptual wellfield and flaring system at the active landfill.

Comcor prepared cost estimates for the conceptual landfill gas collection and flaring system, as well a number of utilization options.  Alternatives determined to be suitable for further assessment included flaring (carbon reduction credits), electricity generation, and direct use.  An in-depth assessment of the costs associated with capital construction, and long term maintenance for each alternative was completed.    Regulatory requirements as well as non-economic project drivers for reducing greenhouse gas emissions at the landfill were analyzed.

Comcor was further retained by the City during 2014 to complete a detailed design/tender documents for a landfill gas collection and flaring system at the active landfill site.  The full design work was completed in 2016 and wellfield construction was completed in 2017.  Construction of the landfill gas flaring facility was completed in November 2018 and, since that time, Comcor monitors and maintains the system for the City.

Site Owner:
City of Red Deer
Design and Construction Projects:
Current Gas Recovery:
140 cfm
Landfill in Operation Since:
Years Monitored: