Oxford County Salford Landfill

The Oxford County Landfill Site located in Salford, Ontario has been in operation since 1986 and is projected to close in 2042.  The Site has a maximum approved waste capacity of 6 million cubic metres and receives approximately 85,000 tonnes of non-hazardous residential commercial, institutional and industrial solid waste annually.

In 2009, the County retained Comcor to undertake a pump test to assess the quantity and quality of landfill gas produced at the site.  The test consisted of three vertical extraction wells connected to Comcor’s mobile candlestick flare and six nested monitoring probes.  The results of the test aided in the development of landfill gas production curves, which were used to size a full scale landfill gas collection and flaring system.

As a result of amendments made to Ontario Regulation 347 in 2009, the County was mandated to install a landfill gas control system.  Through a competitive bidding process, Comcor was awarded a design/build project for the landfill gas collection system infrastructure and mechanical system in January 2010.

Comcor was also responsible for obtaining the Environmental Compliance Approval (Waste) amendment for the construction of the collection system, Environmental Compliance Approval for the operation of the enclosed flare, and the TSSA approval required by the Canadian Landfill Gas Code.

Comcor conducted all construction supervision and commissioning of the facility in September 2010, and continues to operate and maintain all components of the system.

Site Owner:
Oxford County
Design and Construction Projects:
2009, 2010
Current Gas Recovery:
150 cfm
Landfill in Operation Since:
Years Monitored:
2010 to present