Eastern Ontario Waste Handling Facility

The GFL Lafleche Landfill Gas to Energy Facility converts landfill gas at GFL’s Eastern Ontario Waste Handling Facility (EOWHF) into 4 MW of renewable “green” power, enough power to serve 4,000 homes.

The Landfill Gas to Energy Facility was developed and is owned by Moose Creek Energy LP, an Ontario-based partnership between Integrated Gas Recovery Services, Inc. (IGRS) and Energy Ottawa Inc. (EOI). Comcor operates, maintains, and monitors the landfill gas facility on behalf of IGRS and Moose Creek Energy (VIDEO).

The facility began producing “green” power in December 2012 and will have an operating life of at least twenty years. The facility takes landfill gas that has been flared and directs it to four (4) Jenbacher JGC320 internal combustion reciprocating engines, each directly coupled with 1 MW generators. Through the IESO’s Feed in Tariff (FIT) program, Moose Creek Energy has a 20-year contract to produce this renewable green power at the EOWHF.

The original landfill gas collection and flaring system was installed in 2010, and consisted of 31 vertical extraction wells connected via buried high density polyethylene (HDPE) piping to a 3,000 scfm enclosed flare. In order to supply the generator sets with enough landfill gas, a major expansion to the landfill gas collection system was undertaken in 2012.  The work included the addition of 42 new vertical extraction wells and 3,100 m of HDPE collection piping.  Subsequently there have been several landfill gas system expansions so there are now over 200 gas wells at the site.

In 2021 a major expansion to the mechanical blower and flaring system was completed by adding another 4000 cfm flare and adding up to 7000 cfm of blower capacity.

Site Owner:
GFL Lafleche Environmental Inc. – Landfill Moose Creek Energy LP – Energy Facility
Design and Construction Projects:
2008, 2010 and 2012, 2016/18/19/20/21/22
Current Gas Recovery:
4,600 cfm
Landfill in Operation Since:
Years Monitored:
2008 to present