GGUI East Landfill Gas to Energy Facility

The East Landfill Gas to Energy Facility was developed and is owned by Glenridge Gas Utilization Inc. (GGUI), an Ontario-based corporation wholly owned by Integrated Gas Recovery Services Inc. (IGRS).

GGUI’s renewable electric generating facility is located on the Walker Environmental Group East Landfill site. The landfill gas to energy facility takes landfill gas and directs it to one Jenbacher JGC320 internal combustion reciprocating engine coupled with a generator that produces 1 MW of electricity. The plant sells electricity to the Ontario Power Authority under a 20 year power purchase agreement.

The landfill gas utilization project also delivers gas to the local Resolute Forest Products (formerly Abitibi-Bowater) recycled paper mill for use in a co-gen facility. Landfill gas provides approximately 30% of the mill’s gas requirements. In 2008 the project added 50% more capacity for delivering landfill gas, providing additional direct ‘green’ energy to the paper mill.

The project provides a number of direct benefits including generating renewable energy and reducing the odours at the landfill site. The project also reduces up to 30,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions (relative to 1990 levels) and an additional 8,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide as a result of displaced coal-fired generated electricity.