Robin Hood Bay Landfill, St. John’s

Landfill Gas Recovery & Flaring System

This project began with performing a short term landfill gas pump test to quantify the sustainable landfill gas collection rate at the Robin Hood Bay Landfill site in the City of St. John’s. The encouraging results from the pump test prompted the City to retain Comcor to design and oversee construction of a full scale landfill gas collection system including an interim candlestick flare.

Operational issues with the candlestick flare in an extremely windy environment (close proximity to the Atlantic Ocean) as well as new residential development downwind of the site prompted capital upgrades to the system. An expansion to wellfield to newly filled areas of the site helped to increase gas collection across the landfill. The interim candlestick flare was replaced with a fully enclosed permanent landfill gas flare and a containerized mechanical system to improve operations and accommodate future landfill gas flows.

Comcor completed all engineering design work and tender specifications related to this project and secured all required approvals from Government Services.