Oxford County Salford Landfill

Landfill Gas Recovery & Flaring System

This project with the County of Oxford started with a pump test to assess the quantity and quality of landfill gas produced at the Oxford County Landfill site. The results of the test helped in the development of landfill gas production estimates, which were then used to size a full scale landfill gas collection and flaring system.

The County awarded Comcor a design/build contract to install the landfill gas collection and flaring infrastructure. This work was initiated as a result of amendments made to Ontario Regulation 347 that require certain sized landfills that were formerly exempted to install landfill gas controls.

The project included seeking the necessary Environmental Compliance Approval (Waste) amendment for the construction of the collection system, the Environmental Compliance Approval for the operation of the enclosed flare, and the TSSA approval required by the Canadian Landfill Gas Code.

Comcor carried out all construction and commissioning of the facility in September 2010 and continues to operate and maintain all components of the system for the County.