London W12A Landfill

Landfill Gas Recovery & Flaring System

This project for the City of London started with a landfill gas pump test at the W12A Landfill to help determine if a full scale collection system would be beneficial for reducing gas emissions and odours. The test results showed significant levels of methane being produced by the waste, which further indicated that if active landfill gas collection was instituted, the site would benefit with odour control as well as reducing greenhouse gas emissions from the environment.

Comcor completed the detailed engineering design for the initial gas collection and flaring system as well as prepared construction tender documents and undertook construction supervision and contract administration on behalf of the City. Since the original installation, there have been a number of wellfield expansions that were designed and managed to further improve the overall gas recovery at the site. The system will ultimately collect and flare over 1,400 cfm of landfill gas from the site.

We operate, maintain and monitor the system for the City in addition to providing engineering support.