Lindsay/Ops Landfill, Kawartha Lakes

Landfill Gas Recovery & Flaring System

The City of Kawartha Lakes contracted the firm to prepare landfill gas production and recovery estimates for the Lindsay/Ops Landfill and to prepare a conceptual design for a landfill gas collection and flaring system at the site as well as an electricity generation plant.

Since the initial engagement, the project has expanded to include a number of assignments in order to bring the project to completion. This includes preparing detailed design and tender documents for the landfill gas collection, the flaring and the electricity generation systems; supervising construction and providing contract administration; preparing the landfill gas flare Environmental Compliance Approval (ECA) application; prepare the Renewable Energy Approval (REA) application for the landfill gas electricity generation portion of the project; and preparing the interconnect application for connection to the electrical grid.

Comcor has operated and maintained the flaring facility on behalf of the City since it was commissioned. The electricity generation component of the project is anticipated to include a 335 kW Jenbacher engine that will provide power to the adjacent Water Pollution Control Plant.