Essex-Windsor Regional Landfill

Landfill Gas Recovery & Flaring System

The Essex-Windsor Solid Waste Authority (EWSWA) retained Comcor to design and construct a temporary landfill gas collection and flaring system at the Regional Landfill in order to control odours from the leachate collection system manholes. The system included a blower providing vacuum to a number of leachate system manholes and directing the landfill gas to a candlestick flare.

In 2008, Comcor (through IGRS) was retained to design, supervise construction and commission a major expansion to the landfill gas collection system infrastructure with the addition of vertical extraction wells within the waste mound.

The system was further upgraded in 2009 to include a fully enclosed landfill gas flare (to replace the candlestick flare) in order to certify carbon credits on the project. A 5-year verified emission reduction purchase and sale agreement was secured for 50,000 tonnes of CO2e per year. Revenues from the sale of emission reduction credits offset the construction and operation costs for the facility as well as the gas collection system.

Comcor continues to operate and maintain the facility on behalf of IGRS for the EWSWA.