Integrated Gas Recovery Services Inc.

IGRS has close to 30 years of experience designing, constructing, owning and operating award-winning landfill gas facilities through its partner companies. From large-scale electricity generation and industrial direct-use of landfill gas, to odour and greenhouse gas emissions abatement and control, IGRS has a diverse portfolio of projects and a related breadth of landfill gas knowledge. Collectively, IGRS projects have a renewable nameplate capacity of more than 25 Megawatt equivalents and prevent the emission of over 600,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalents of greenhouse gases every year.

The plants that IGRS owns and operates include:

In addition IGRS operates two landfill gas projects in Manitoba.

IGRSA dedicated landfill gas collection and utilization company, IGRS can provide all aspects of design, construction, operation and financing ‘in-house’.

Highly qualified and committed, IGRS works with clients and partners to develop the most appropriate landfill gas solution for a site. IGRS project managers and technical staff consider the project’s regulatory context, site-specific technical priorities and constraints, and the client’s immediate and long term objectives to create and implement a successful project.