We offer landfill gas monitoring, operation and maintenance services to relieve the owner of the need to hire or train personnel in such specialized systems. All of our field technicians hold a valid Industrial Maintenance Technician (IMT) Certificate as required under Ontario Regulation 212 to Operate and Maintain landfill gas collection, flaring and utilization systems in Ontario. Our plant operators also hold ICE-NG certification. All our technicians are also fully trained to conduct safe confined space entry work as required.

Maintenance is conducted on the gas wells and the mechanical and flare systems in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations and best practices. O&M activities also include responses to after hour alarms. Remote monitoring of the gas collection and flaring facilities provide additional safety and operational control.

In addition to regular site visits, O&M services include physical monitoring of gas levels throughout the collection system with portable gas monitoring equipment, as well as scheduled maintenance of the operating components of the system, such as the blowers, gas analyzers and any other wear parts.

Our landfill gas systems are designed with Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) for overall system operation and control. The PLC systems are equipped with user friendly touch screen displays for all set-point changes, status, alarms and shutdown conditions. The PLCs also provide for continuous data collection of operating conditions and are typically configured to send email or text messages to operators for both status updates and alarm conditions. They are also setup to allow users secure remote access to view real-time operating conditions 24 hours per day.

All of our plant operator and maintenance staff are trained to operate power plant equipment and can ensure the manufacturer’s maintenance programs are followed. We fully utilize the latest in Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) to maintain equipment records and historic information about each plant asset.