Comcor provides specialized services in landfill gas management and environmental engineering. Founded in 1985, the firm is a privately held Canadian company that has developed around a nucleus of specialized personnel serving a broad range of clientele including both the private and public sectors.

We are recognized as a specialist in the engineering, design, testing, approval, construction, operation & maintenance and monitoring of landfill gas collection, flaring and utilization systems. Senior management have been involved with landfill gas collection, flaring and utilization systems since the early 1980’s. We are proud to offer comprehensive design/build services for landfill gas collection and flaring systems in addition to long term operation and maintenance services for in-service systems.

From 1997 until 2004, Comcor was affiliated through common ownership and management with Gas Recovery Systems Inc. (GRS), one of the largest independent landfill gas utilization companies in the world, with 30 plants in the US producing over 130 MW of electrical power using landfill gas as a fuel as well as three plants that directly sold landfill gas for use as fuel. From this, management and staff gained unique direct experience at designing, owning, operating and maintaining landfill gas utilization systems.

In 2002, Integrated Gas Recovery Services Inc. (IGRS) was formed as a partnership between Comcor and Walker Environmental Group (WEG), a subsidiary of Walker Industries Holdings Limited. IGRS develops environmentally sound landfill gas utilization projects for municipal and private landfills. These projects are self-supporting, provide significant environmental benefits and can also provide a royalty benefit to landfill owners. Comcor and IGRS have developed several relationships with partner companies.

Comcor and its Management have provided and continue to offer its extensive experience in landfill gas collection system design, engineering, construction, operations, monitoring, and maintenance to landfill owners who require systems strictly for emissions and environmental control as well as for those desiring to utilize the resource.

We are members of Consulting Engineers of Ontario and are registered to practice professional engineering in most Canadian jurisdictions.

Based in Cambridge, Ontario, we also have satellite offices in Thorold, Mississauga, Ottawa and Moose Creek, Ontario as well as Winnipeg, Manitoba.