Power Purchase Agreements

Regardless of the type of utilization, most projects require a long-term agreement for the purchase of electricity or sale of gas to justify any large capital investment. The negotiation of long-term power purchase agreements can be complex and lengthy. By assessing the risk profiles of the purchaser and the project, we have successfully negotiated such agreements with both public and private sector clients.


We have developed long term landfill gas utilization projects through our affiliate, Integrated Gas Recovery Services Inc. (IGRS). IGRS has years of experience designing, constructing, owning and operating award-winning landfill gas facilities. From large-scale electricity generation and industrial direct-use of landfill gas, to odour and greenhouse gas emissions abatement and control, IGRS has a diverse portfolio of projects and a related breadth of landfill gas knowledge. Collectively, IGRS projects have a renewable nameplate capacity of more than 25 Megawatt equivalents and prevent the emission of over 600,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalents of greenhouse gases every year.

Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction Credits

The market for greenhouse gas emission reduction credits is variable and in some jurisdictions can be speculative. We have experience negotiating and implementing voluntary emission reduction credit agreements, including documentation and quantification of credit verification.

Creative Solutions

We are keenly aware of the challenges facing all landfill owners and pride ourselves on finding creative and innovative solutions to these challenges. Collection and utilization of landfill gas provides an environmental benefit through the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, addresses odour and safety issues at the site, and provides a potential source of revenue to the owner. Utilization options range from generating electricity to direct use in a boiler system to providing heat and carbon dioxide needs for greenhouses or leachate evaporation.

We are proud to have almost 30 years of experience in landfill gas projects with a proven track record of successful and award winning projects. Contact us if you have a potential project.