Regulatory Approvals

We offer our expertise in preparing for and navigating the required approvals from government agencies such as the Provincial Ministries, Building Departments or Certifying Agencies responsible for the approval of Gas Appliances, related to the collection, flaring, and utilization of landfill gas. We will guide applications and prepare the necessary technical documentation that may be required, responding to agency concerns, and ultimately acquiring approvals. Long-established relationships with many public agencies and regulatory bodies allow us to effectively manage the approvals process.

REA Approvals

The Renewable Energy Approvals (REA) process in Ontario is a necessary step to implementing renewable energy projects that include landfill gas utilization. We offer professional services to navigate the complex REA process that offers benefits to project applicants and local communities while continuing to ensure rigorous protection of the natural environment, cultural heritage and public health and safety.

Canadian Landfill Gas Code Requirements

An important aspect for landfill gas systems include the technical requirements dictated by the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) through the B149.6 Code (Code for Digester Gas and Landfill Gas Installations). The B149.6 Code is a mandatory code which must be strictly adhered to when designing and operating landfill gas collection, flaring and utilization systems. The B149.6 Code is administered by the designated Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) which varies from Province to Province. Within Ontario, the AHJ is the Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA).

Compliance Audits

We also offer compliance auditing services to help ensure that your biogas collection and flaring system meets the necessary codes and approvals for the handling of combustible gas. In the event that a regulatory body imposes orders or issues corrective actions to be implemented, we can help in implementing the corrective actions or negotiating the outcomes with the regulatory body.